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Analytics at your fingertips based on a trusted source of investment data.

As the amount, availability and demand for more diverse data continues to grow, we need modern tools to integrate and aggregate the information coming from various platforms and  providers.


ICS ATHENA allows you to access your investment data from a single source - current and historical - to efficiently manage your investment processes.


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Understand exposures across asset classes


Combine all your asset classes into ATHENA for a complete overview of your exposures.

Slice-n-dice the information across any dimension within your data set.

Look-through investment structures or decompose instruments

Drill down into your investments across complex structures to understand exposures from top to bottom.

Decompose funds, indices or derivatives to build even stronger analytics for your team. 


Calculate fund or portfolio level returns and analytics


Calculate returns as well as statistical risk ratios including Sharpe Ratio, Information Ratio, Beta and more.

Integrate with external analytics engines and platforms for security level performance, attribution and risk.

Automate your target
monitoring and rebalancing process

Maintain your investment targets and allocations across your investment structure or model portfolios.

Automate the process of rebalancing, integrating instructions with your custodians or other external parties and platforms.


Integrate your preferred investment and analytics tools


Connect to ATHENA for access to all your investment data, without having to spend time on data management or manipulation.

ICS clients work with a range of external tools such as R, Python and internally developed investment process applications.

Automate reporting packs like investment committee reports

Reduce the time spent on regular reporting packs, such as investment committee and client reports.

ATHENA will automate the collection, aggregation and validation of the required data including portfolio and fund commentaries. 



Take control of your investment data while automating your operational processes.


More than ever, investors need to understand the impact of investments.

What next?

ATHENA is purpose-built to help you efficiently manage all your investment data from multiple sources.

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