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We're a team who gets things done and have fun - TOGETHER.


Since we were founded in 2016, our people have been driven by the desire to help our clients through great technology and exceptional services.

Our culture is focused on an environment where people have autonomy, yet we all follow a common purpose - make investment data worth more.

This is an ongoing challenge within our constantly changing industry, but we tackle it head on.
Investment data management technology is what we do and what we are passionate about.

(and how you are likely to engage with us)

Your data journey begins


This typically involves activities such as:

  • Defining use cases and operating model

  • Understanding critical success factors

  • Building a business case

  • Talking to your peers

  • IT due diligence

  • Legal review 

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Chief Commercial Officer

At ICS, we understand that going through the process of evaluating and acquiring a data platform and partner, is often an activity you are likely to only go through once in your career. At ICS, however, we have done this many times.


The role of Christian and his team is to help you reduce the complexity of your journey without compromising integrity and due process.

Welcome aboard


After having agreed the ATHENA onboarding plan and signed your agreement, your are now in a position to commence the next phase.

This will involve a number of activities including:

  • Analysis and design workshops

  • Setup and configuration of ATHENA

  • Training of staff

  • Documentation

  • Testing of Use Cases

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MIKE Small

Chief Operating Officer

Mike manages our client onboarding process and daily support through a balance of our global Client Services team and external consultants. This is done through a proven methodology that has been refined over many years of investment technology projects.

In addition, Mike also manages the Product Team which involves the future roadmap of ATHENA. If you have suggestions or ideas, don't hold back. We want to hear them all.

Take ATHENA to the next level


After you are live with ATHENA and started to test its limits, you are likely to bring new ideas and development suggestions to the ICS team.


This can be anything from new features and functions that will support additional use cases for your business, to exploring new and emerging technologies in the industry.

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JAMES Ingham

Chief Technology Officer

James and his team of developers thrives on challenges, and they love to showcase their skills bringing out fantastic new features in our regular monthly updates.

In addition, they work closely with the Client Services team to ensure the hosting of your environments (Production and Test) are running smoothly.

You will feel that this team really becomes and extension of your business.

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