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2 New Clients Join ICS Community

We are happy to announce that a Top Tier Asset Consultant and the Australian arm of a Top 20 Global Asset Manager have signed with ICS in recent months to enhance their data capabilities.

Both of these companies represent great brands that we are proud to include and have amongst our client community.

Asset Consultant Plans to Enhance Data and Client Service Capitalises

The Asset Consultant is responding to growing client demand for transparent, data-driven, quantitative advice as well as provision of investment analytics across their client portfolios.

ICS will support them in establishing a single source of truth across areas such as client data, external manager data as well as capital market data and analytics. This will greatly enhance their data and client service capabilities.

Implementation is underway and we are excited to be part of this major program of work for this organisation.

Asset Manager Scales Data-Delivery to Asset Owner Clients

The Asset Manager is seeing a rising number of requests from their asset owner client base to provide more details and look through holdings across their unitised products. This is predominantly driven by regulatory reporting requirements imposed on the asset owners.

ICS will provide an ongoing data delivery service on behalf of the asset manager to its clients, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Implementation began in April and expected to be running in production for June month end delivery.

If you are looking to learn more about the Data Delivery Service that ICS can provide, or would just like to know more about these new clients, please reach out to us anytime.


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