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IC NEWS: Investment Data Management and Analytics - 2019 | Volume 1


At Investment Control Systems we come across a wide range of news, articles, blogs, conferences from various sources within our industry. We understand our community does not always have the same time to dedicate to the area of Investment Data Management and Analytics.

Below is a collection of articles that we have come across over the last couple of months.

Enjoy the read.

The ICS Team


Why data silos matter: Settling ownership of data issues​

Data ownership is still seen as a task for IT - but that can lead to data silos full of redundant information. Find out why you should put the business in charge of its data.

Modern corporations are becoming more and more dependent on data to operate. In some industries, data pretty much is the business, whether it's digital content, such as movies and music; social media interactions; or customer surveys and reviews.

Source: Search Data Management [Read More]


2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

For 12 consecutive years, Gartner has recognised Microsoft as a Leader in analytics and business intelligence.

At Investment Control Systems, we have been working with the Microsoft Power BI tool for a number of years and built an extensive knowledge base together with our clients.

We are therefore very pleased to see Microsoft continue to lead the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence tools by a considerable margin.

Source: Microsoft [Read More]


The “Zone of Confusion”: Lakes, Warehouses and Hubs

Visiting the Gartner’s Data & Analytics Summit in Sydney, Shoreline Consulting shared what they learned around all things data related.

In this article, Simon Vizor describes the "Zone of Confusion" in our industry around the various data storage options. It is worth a quick read.

Source: Shoreline Consulting [Read More]


Use of Artificial Intelligence: Meketa Group Research

Meketa Investment Group released a paper on artificial intelligence in March of this year. One of the interesting insights they bring is the use of A.I. that various companies are applying to their business.

Overall, this is an interesting A.I. read by the Meketa Investment Group, discussing the potential of implementing A.I. in the investment process.

You will also find more examples of who is currently using A.I. in their investment process in this paper.

Source: Meketa Investment Group [Download PDF]


Data governance: no one size fits all

Quality data is increasingly seen as key to asset management, but building a solid data governance framework is easier said than done.

According to Brad Farrell, Manager Data and Analytics Solutions at Colonial First State Global Asset Management, in asset management, having quality data is analogous to the oil that fuels race cars.

Source: Fund Business [Read More]

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