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MA Financial Group scales investments with ICS ATHENA for investment data management

London, Sydney - 7 June 2022

ICS today announced that MA Financial Group will be implementing ATHENA. MA’s Asset Management division will be leveraging the cloud-based solution to move to a single source of truth for all its investment data.

This will support a number of functions including maintaining multiple books of records, automated reconciliation and NAV validation, post-trade compliance, cash forecasting as well as managing data integrations across a number of platforms.

“We have experienced significant growth in recent years, and we were searching for a platform that would support our continued expansion and future scaling of our business”, said Asset Management’s Chief Operating Officer, Alice Tang.

“With the ATHENA platform, we found a modern solution that will allow us to scale our operations for future growth.”

ICS Director, Christian Eriksen, said the following, “MA Financial has a unique offering to the investment market and their growth is a testament to this. We are excited at ICS to welcome MA Financial as a client, and extremely proud of ATHENA’s ability to meet the needs for the diverse range of investment organisations within our client community.”

Enquiries regarding this announcement should be addressed to: Christian Eriksen, Director, +61 421 429 339

About MA Financial Group

MA Financial is an ASX-listed financial services firm specialising in asset management, lending, corporate advisory and equities.

Their Asset Management division originates and manages investment opportunities for wholesale, retail and institutional investors across credit, real estate, equities, hospitality, private equity and venture capital. As at 30 April 2022, the firm has $7.2 billion in assets under management.

About ICS

We make your investment data worth more by introducing a single source of truth via our cloud-based investment data management, warehouse, and reporting platform - ATHENA.

This enables our clients to increase efficiency while scaling the operations of their investment teams to support their growth plans. Our solution is designed for asset owners, asset managers and asset consultants.


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