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Marinya Capital uplifts investment data management capabilities with ICS ATHENA

Investment Control Systems (ICS), today announced that Marinya Capital - the John B. Fairfax Family Office – will be implementing ICS ATHENA.

Marinya Capital will be leveraging the hosted data management platform provided by ICS to manage and automate a range of functions including IBOR generation, investment reporting, risk analytics and operational reporting.

“As part of an operating model review, this was a great time to enhance our capabilities and implement a modern data platform within the business. The team at Investment Control Systems is innovative and their experience will be a great addition to our internal capabilities”, said Marinya COO & CFO, Rob Jackson. “Utilising the ICS solution will centralise all our investment data and analytics into a single trusted source of truth, which will not only allow us to reduce manual operational processes, but greatly enhance the capabilities of the investment team.”

ICS Director, Christian Eriksen, said the following, “We are extremely excited to welcome Marinya Capital to our growing client community. They represent a family with a significant history in the Australian community and we look forward to supporting them in their endeavours.”

About Marinya Capital

Marinya Capital is the family office investment firm for the John B. Fairfax family. Marinya maintains a diversified portfolio with an active approach to asset allocation based on its macro and market views, makes direct investments in Australia and overseas, utilises a broad network of fund managers and manages risk via various hedging strategies.

About Investment Control Systems

We make your investment data worth more by introducing a single source of truth via our cloud-based investment data management, warehouse, and reporting platform - ICS ATHENA.

This enables our clients to increase efficiency while scaling the operations of their investment teams to support their growth plans. Our solution is designed for asset owners, asset managers and asset consultants.


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