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Sydney fund manager selects ICS for investment data management

ICS, an Australian fintech enabling organisations to automate and scale investment processes, data management and reporting, today announced it has added an Australian fund manager to its client portfolio. ICS will support the client with streamlining investment control and reporting functions with growth and efficiency a key focus for the Sydney based fund manager.

After a lengthy selection process involving both local and global vendors, ICS was chosen as the preferred partner.

Supporting their portfolio management teams, the fund manager provides a centralised service for non-Investment functions such as Risk Management, Compliance, Operations, Sales and Distribution, Legal and Finance.

Looking for a holistic solution, the fund manager will be utilising the ATHENA platform. This will provide them with:

  • Single store of portfolio related data

  • Automated capture and load of data

  • Data management capability including data verification and quality assessment

  • Data enrichment with both custom internal and market reference data from vendors

  • Data exchange / interaction with third party systems

  • Pass signed off data to third party systems for processing. Accept third party system processed data (including investment performance returns - multiple period, analytical data and risk calculations

  • Receive enriched third-party data (performance, risk analytics)

  • Integrated reporting capability with advanced BI functionality

  • Reconciliation capability

  • NAV reconciliation

  • Reconciliation to third party systems

  • Exception based management to efficiently manage data issues

  • Reporting capability

  • Remove heavy reliance on excel and manual checking

  • Standardisation through templates across Fund/performance/risk data

  • Integrated workflow of Funds processing sign off

  • Reconciliation and Unit Price signoff

  • Monthly data signoff with internal and external client reporting e.g. newsletters

  • Compliance control capability for assurance with investment management agreements

The project is set to commence immediately, with tangible benefits expected within two months.

Enquiries regarding this announcement should be addressed to: Christian Eriksen, Director, +61 421 429 339

About ICS

ICS is an Australian FinTech that increases efficiency while scaling the operations of investment organisations by introducing a single source of truth via a cloud-based modern investment data platform, ATHENA.

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